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The Last Straw

02 July 2017

Thanks for reading my first ever post! To start things off, I wanted to look at one of the four key single-use plastics in the Plastic Free July Challenge: Plastic Straws.


Here’s three reasons to say, “no straw please” when you're next out and about:


They never “go away”


The plastic straw you use for 30 minutes will likely outlive you. They are not accepted by all recycling schemes in New Zealand. 


They pollute our environment and harm wildlife


The video of the turtle getting the straw removed from its nose by researchers went viral and showed how straws can be harmful to wildlife. Plastic straws were one of the top 10 marine debris found during Ocean Conservancy's international ocean clean up.


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The good news is there are some great alternatives to plastic


Reusable glass straws

I have been using glass straws for over a year and love them! The ones I use are perfect for smoothies and are easy to keep clean if you rinse them after use. The manufacture also will replace the straw for free you if drop it and are unsure it’s broken.


Reusable aluminium straws

If glass straws make you nervous, aluminium straws are another great alternative. I like using these for soda stream and iced teas. I plan to carry one in my handbag from now on. If you happen to order a drink with lots of garnishes at the bar, it’s handy to have straw with you.


Paper straws

Paper straws are an easy replacement to plastic straws without the added waste. And in my opinion, I think they look stylish! They can be even composted after use. I would love to see more bars and restaurants providing paper straws instead of plastic. 


As I have already invested in reusable options, the challenge for me this July will be remembering to say, “no straw please” when I order a drink.


My three top tips for reducing straws:

Say “no straw please” next time you order a drink

Use an alternative to plastic straws or avoid them all together

Sign Lonely Whale's #stopsucking pledge


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